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 Raito Ikazuchi

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Raito Ikazuchi

Raito Ikazuchi

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PostSubject: Raito Ikazuchi   Thu Jul 02, 2009 5:16 pm

Character Name;; Raito Ikazuchi

Raito's Warg form ( Nasty lookin aint it. In this form he's about the size of a horse so he technicly could be used as a mode of transportation in this form, he can also still talk, he just sounds stupid.)

Raito's wolf form

(in this form, Raito can only comunicate through Barks, Growls, Howls, and Telepathy)

Raito's Gun made of Oricalchum an indestrictible metal. (doesnt have the XIII engraved)

Player Status

Name: Raito Ikazuchi
Age: 17
Perfer of communication: Pm

Character Status

Name or Alias: Raito Ikazuchi
Age: 85 (looks 17)
Race:Half Lycan, Half Angel
Clothes:Grey Jacket, Black Baggy pants, Black t-shirt, finger-less gloves
Orentation: Straight

1. Expert Marksman (if it shoots, he can use it and hit a bulls-eye)
2. Can Transformation at will, no moon required (three different transformations, Lycan, Warg, Wolf)
3. Angelic Powers (telepathy, flight, Etc.)
4. Hightened Senses and Healing (Has 2 wolf ears in addition to his human ears,
which he hides under hair, they reveil themselves if threatened)
5. Ameture Swordsman
6. Master Pickpocket
7. Superhuman strength

1. Can't swim
2. Aracnaphobic
3. Can't come in contact with silver
4. Untrusting
5. sentimental
6. places nature above people
7. Incredibly Stubborn

Character's Family History:
Abandoned as a pup by his mother, does not know his Father, grew up by himself untill he was taken under the wing of a gunsmith

Example of your writing

Slowly Raito walked through the Dark woods, his uncovered, jet black wolf ears twiching at every noise, suddendly he picked up a strange sent. "the hell is that?" he said to himself as he slowly approched the source of the noxious oder. Into a small clearing there was a fawn. the small deer had its foot caught in a hunter's trap and was bleeding. "Well..." the Halfbreed said, muttering somthing inaudiable under his breath. before walking over and breaking the trap in two. "there, your free to go.. dont do it again..." he said smiling at the young animal while wrapping its leg with his last wrap of bandages, he didnt really need them anyway.
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Raito Ikazuchi
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