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 Christabelle Whittle

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Larien Ikazuchi
Larien Ikazuchi

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PostSubject: Christabelle Whittle   Thu Jul 02, 2009 5:17 pm

Christabelle Whittle

Player Status

Name:Christabelle Whittle
Age:34 but looks like she's 19
Perfer of communication: Pm

Character Status

Name or Alias:Christabelle or Christy
Age: 34 but looks 19
Race:fae or faerie
Clothes:normally corsetted dresses or long flowing dresses in general
Orentation:bi (Which fae isn't?)

2.Can speak in half-truths extremely well
3.Very diplomatic

1.Likes shiny things
2.Trusts easily
3.Unable to tell lies (No fae can lie)

Character's Family History:Christabelle is one of the many children born between the faerie queen goddess, Queen Mab and the god the Green Man. She was born as princess and heir to the fae throne, though many of her far older siblings fought her for it. She was raised in the fae castle apart from her siblings for a great deal until she became old enough to take up for herself. She has long curly artic blonde hair and tri colored eyes, (Cerulean blue on the outside lining a crystal blue following a lilac purple around the pupil) her wings are cerulean blue on the outside and fade to almost white on the inside. Growing up she was referred to as the most beautiful creature the world has ever known and is the most beautiful woman in fae society.

Example of your writing
Christabelle awoke in her room of the fae palace. The down pillows and mattress covered with baby blue silk, her favorite color. She stretched out cat-like on her bed, her wings were retracted in her body, which was after all her preferred method of sleeping so she didn't crush them or hurt them in any way. She stepped out of the bed and sat down at the vanity table in her room fingering out the tangles her curls had made in her sleep before getting dressed. Once dressed in a cerulean blue corsetted dress she walked out of the room and down the hall til she came to the gardens.
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Christabelle Whittle
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