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 Sage Maxwell

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Larien Ikazuchi
Larien Ikazuchi

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PostSubject: Sage Maxwell   Thu Jul 02, 2009 5:18 pm

Sage Maxwell

Player Status

Name:Sage Maxwell
Age: 22
Perfer of communication: PM

Character Status

Name or Alias:Sage Maxwell
Age: 142 but looks about sixteen
Race: Mage
Clothes: When traveling the human realm he wears a black silk shirt and black slacks with black combat boots and a black leather trench coat over it. When in the other realms he wears tight black leather pants and a matching short sleeve shirt and bracers. Boots remain the same.

1. Control over the elements
2. Doesn't age physically
3. Master Martial Artist

1. Never ages mentally
2. Egotistical
3. Trusts no one

Character's Family History: Sage was born to a family of mages who only practiced the dark arts. His entire child hood he was used by the powers of darkness. He was the most powerful member of his family ever born but was pure of heart. He escaped his families clutches but was cursed to remain how he was for ever more. Both physically and mentally. He never matured. He lives like a teenager is supposed to, but he has the power over the elements due to his blood. He is in no way a Dark Mage, his heart has stayed pure through the entire span of his life. Now his families' decedents are trying to locate and kill him.

Example of your writing: Sage walked into his house. Something was wrong. His fireplace was ablaze. Using his abilities he used the wind to carry every sound of the house to him. He heard them talking. Two people. *I don't see why we have to fight him. He's to strong for us.* *I know little brother. But the Lord Maxwell asked us to capture him and bring him back.* They were working for his family. {Great} Sage thought to him self, {They want to brawl then so be it} He summoned his power and used the fire in the hearth to turn the inturders into ash with out so much as a flick of his mind. There would be more now that they knew where he was. It was time to move. Again. Time to go somewhere he had found when he was still young. America. More importantly, South Carolina.
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Sage Maxwell
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