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 Return of the Light in the Hour of Darkness

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Larien Ikazuchi
Larien Ikazuchi

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PostSubject: Return of the Light in the Hour of Darkness   Thu Jul 02, 2009 5:21 pm

This RP was created by Sage Maxwell. Here is the last post of this:


Sage was finaly returning home. To The land of Darkness. He needed to see his family's grave. The Tomb of the Maxwells. The secret of his curse might lie within. He was risking every thing by being here. His entire life he faught his familie's hold on the dark world. There powers over the demons and over darkness it's self were a force to be rekoned with. He was the only one who could end there rule of tyranny over the mortal relm. His blood sang with there power, but his was the power of nature and light. He was an abomantion as far as the Maxwells were conserned. His heart as pure as the morning sun. He used the winds to bring him over the iron gates of the family tomb. The first head stone was a false grave. He read it and was sickened. Sage Maxwell, Born: 1867 Death: 1883.
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Return of the Light in the Hour of Darkness
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