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 Scroll of Rules ::Please Read::

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Larien Ikazuchi
Larien Ikazuchi

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PostSubject: Scroll of Rules ::Please Read::   Thu Jul 02, 2009 5:00 pm


I am not posting rules to be naggy or anything, but you gotta set them straight. I won't have my site turn into a chaotic place. These rules are very simple. If you want them complex, you will have to ask an administrator, however, I don't think you want them complex, so let us get to the point.

Rule #1

Spamming is not tolerated. It is quite annoying and violaters will recieve a warning the first offense. Continous violaters will have their account suspended for a certain amount of days.

Rule #2

I do not tolerate hackers. If someones account has been hacked, they are to report it immediately and the culprit will have his/her account banned.

Rule #3

New members who are new to roleplay, this rule is for you. We do not appreciate godmodders. They are annoying and defeat purpose. Godmodding is when you control another person's character without his/her consent. For example:

Quote :
Billy sent a fireball at Drake. Drake quickly ran away from it screaming like a girl.

Billy is in control of ONLY Billy, not Drake. If you own one or more characters, you must state so when you join a forum game.

These are the rules so far, I will post more as they come to me. Hope you have fun. ^_^


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Scroll of Rules ::Please Read::
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