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[Don't stop looking, you're one step closer. Don't stop searching, it's not over.]
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 Its a Wonderful Life.

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Raito Ikazuchi


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PostSubject: Its a Wonderful Life.   Tue Dec 29, 2009 9:07 pm

Yuki Mishitaro walked the streets of his home town, Tired of the place sense day one, but sense his family owned the only building and loans company in town, he couldent really protest. He lived in a Big, yet humble home, his mother rented out the spare rooms for almost nothing to the people in town who were down on thier luck, so there was always plenty of people in the house.

He had grown up next to his best friend in the world, Trevor, then when he was about 3, a new girl moved into one of the many rooms in the house, Her name was Hanna Zakath, she moved in with her mother, Lillian, and her brother Charles. The three had just moved here from Austrailia. Yuki and Hanna became fast friends. But eventualy the time came when Hanna moved out, Luckly it was to the vacent house next door.


"Are you paying attention??"
"Why...Why are you showing me all this?"
"Simple Raito, This is the human that is under your charge, and If you want your true wings, not those little trainers of your's, you have to help him see."
"What, Like believe in you? "
"No no, he already does."
"Then why the hell do you need me?...Holy crap im so sorry"
"Oh its fine my boy, I didnt put all of that fire inside your spirit and didnt expect for it to not come out every now and then, even when your talking to me, I need you for a very special reason, this is why I called you from your world, and why we are currently inbetween dimensions."
"Ok, But I have one Question.."
"Dont worry about Larein and the children, their in good hands, not to mention you wont be gone that long. Besides, If I'm Not mistaken, wernt you in the dog house with her in the first place?"
".....point taken...Ok so what exactly do I have to do?"
"Just watch for now.."
"Easy enough"

"Now it was incredibly warm that particular summer, the year Hanna moved next door, They had decided to play in the park, kids those days loved to climb trees...they were only about 5 and 6 at the time.."

"Hanna! your too high! Come back down before you fall!"
"Yeah Hanna! not to mention that tree doesnt look all that stable!"

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Its a Wonderful Life.
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