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[Don't stop looking, you're one step closer. Don't stop searching, it's not over.]
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 Chapter One

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Larien Ikazuchi
Larien Ikazuchi

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The White-Haired Traveler

The morning sun had not yet risen over the valley village named Marria, but farmers had already emerged from their beds for their daily chores. The elven men baring their chests, only wearing a pair of dirty pants. Grabbing tools of their sheds, as well as feed for their animals, the farmers went on with their daily lives. Whilst inside, the wives began to wake the children and prepare breakfast; doing the housewife chores. Young elven children ran in the fields, playing rangers or tag, running about; being free.

Just passed the Village Square stood the Marrian castle where the great King, Torein and his lovely Queen, Uruviel were expecting their fourth child; a girl, the first of the four. Their eldest son, Daisear stood in the doorway of the room, his arms crossed. In human years, this young elf would have been about 13 years of age. He was bound to be heir to the Celebrinalin throne, but now that a young princess has been born; she has become heir. The frustrated prince stormed away down an empty corridor as his two younger brothers, Dorin, 10, and Olwe, 9, entered the room.

The two young elven princess stood at their mother's bedside as she cradled the sleeping baby with golden blonde hair in her arms. Uruviel hummed quietly, rubbing the tip of the baby's nose with her finger. The princess yawned stretching her little arms from the blanket her governess had wrapped her in. She blinked as she opened her eyes; a beautiful emerald green.

The boys leaned over one side of their mother's bed as the King leaned behind her. Olwe stretched his hand over the bed and the princess grabbed his finger, squeezing it. She giggled as her brother tried to pull from her.

"She has a mighty grip, doesn't she my King?" Uruviel laughed.

Torin nodded as his large hand gently stroked the side of the baby's face. The princess giggle, grabbing hold of her father's finger instead of her brother's. "She certainly has your mother's spirit."

The Queen nodded, rocking her baby. "Thus we shall name her Larien, after the mighty Goddess Larena."

The years passed and the young princess grew. She was schooled by the best Governesses and Professors of Marria. Though she dreamed of being a knight, she was not allowed, by orders of her father and instead, during her brother Dorin's training, she would sit and watch. Against his father's wishes, the young prince eventually taught his young sister the ways of knighthood and swordsmenship.

Princess Larien often went into the garden with her wooden stood and would pretend the rose bushes were large rose monster. Dorin found a destroyed bush, cut to pieces and a small Larien dancing in victory. He laughed, drawing attention to the garden and Father was furious at the site. The princess was banned of having any kind of contact with "weapons", toy or not. Her sheltered life had begun.

"Such horde creatures," Father said one day as he paced around his library.

"What is, daddy?" Larien, now age 7, asked as she came inside.

Torin looked down at his daughter and sighed. She was growing up faster than her brothers. He picked her up, setting her on his desk. "It's time I taught you the dangers of the world," he said. "For I will not be here forever to protect you, my daughter."

She listened intently to her father's words, whereas most children would've scampered away in boredum.

"Vampires," he began. "Are blood-sucking creatures of the night. They hunt for animals, and people alike to feed upon their blood. For centuries, the ties between elves and vampires has been... compatible and we've lived in peace." He drew in a deep breath. "But now, I fear that tie is being sevured."

He placed his hands on his daughter's shoulders. "Promise me one thing," he asked, the mighty king's eyes filling with fear and tears. "Do not.. go outside after dark.. A new threat has been affecting our children under 12 of human years."

Larien let out the breathe she had been holding and nodded. "I promise, Father." She said quietly, some of the things he had said, she didn't understand.

"Now run along," the King smiled, wiping his eyes.

As she jumped down and skipped out of the room, she passed her brother, Daisear, whom she feared. She froze facing him. She waited till he moved aside before she would slowly walk down the corridor. Daisear smirked. He entered the library and stood before his father.

"What new threat is there, Father?" he asked.

Torin sighed, placing a hand on his head. "An infection of some kind. It affects the children."


"Yes," he said looking up and pointed to his wrist, at the veins. "The vampires slice open a vein of the child, and place droplets of their own blood.. The blood over powers the young elven blood and slowly makes its way to the heart.. killing the child.." He swallowed his breath; fearing for his daughter.

Daisear nodded before leaving the room, an evil look upon his face. He walked down the dark corridors towards his room and pondered what his father just informed him with. He leaned over the balcony, watching his sister play with the wolf pup that mother had given her. So innocent and yet, she did not belong. The prince growled angrily before returning towards his room, unaware that he was being watching.

Uruviel stood just a distance from Larien, watching her eldest son walk away angrily. "That boy's up to something," she had said outloud and felt a tug on her gown.

"Mother?" A young Larien asked, looking up at her. "Mother, are you all right?"

The queen forced a smile on her face as she looked down at her child. "I am all right, my dear," she said patting the girl's head. "Go outside and play with Kaine. I must speak with your father.."

She giggled as the wolf pup, Kaine, licked her face and quickly chased him out into the village garden.
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Chapter One
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